Fruits Basket

Returns! If you haven’t yet heard, there’s a NEW Fruits Basket anime, and the simulcast began tonight. Now, I own the original anime, and this was the very first series that I collected when I stumbled upon manga, so the story and its characters hold onto a sizeable corner of my heart. Tonight’s revisitation still has me giddy with nostalgia.

Fruits Basket, Shigure

If you’re familiar with the first anime, you’ll be in familiar territory. The new Fruits Basket is a faithful rendering (almost verbatim in spots) … but with utterly gorgeous, even cinematic backdrops and subtle tweaks to character design. For instance, Yuki actually looks like he could be related to Shigure now. ::twinkle::

Fruits Basket, Yuki

If you’re familiar with the manga series (and how everything ended), you’ll catch new nuances of foreshadowing. And since the title panel includes the text “Season One,” I am holding out hope that we’ll get the full storyline (and the full cast) with this new rendition.

Fruits Basket, Kyo

Heaven help me, this could lead to fanfiction. ::twinkle::