ART: Dun Nippets

Hemmed in Silver. I’ve been holding back until the short story showed up in ALL the storefronts, and we surmounted that hurdle that over the weekend. (Thank goodness.) So I am here with the first piece of Hemmed in Silver art. For those just now reading Songs of the Amaranthine, #5, I’ll link back to the Squee Post that went up on release day (in case you want to share reactions, speculations, etc.).

Dun Nippets | art by FoxOfTwilight

• • •

It had only been a week. Florent knew he was still an outsider in Hazel’s eyes. On some level, he felt bad for trespassing on her safe corner of the world, but he’d resolved to be patient. If he left her be, eventually, she’d be ordering him around with the same breezy condescension with which she treated the other farmhands.

Hemmed in Silver