Adjusted Release Date

May 4. A jumble of real life circumstances conspired, and I was cutting it too close with Suuzu and the Nine Nippets of Legend. So for the first time, I took advantage of the grace period on the pre-order I’d set and adjusted the release date. I didn’t need long. Just a little more time. So Suuzu’s story will now be releasing on May 4, 2023. There’s still time to pre-order. And as a teensy incentive/apology, I offer two quotes that amount to a huge hint about the hijinks that are about to ensue:

. . .

Reminder: This short story (30k~ words) is set immediately AFTER the events of Bk5 (Fumiko) & BEFORE the conclusion of Bk6 (Pimiko). A true interlude. ::twinkle::

Suuzu and the Nine Nippets of Legend (Amaranthine Interludes, #2)
Release Day: May 4
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