Lord Mettlebright’s Man

#Inktober2022. If you’re the sort of reader to pay attention to author notes, then you may have already realized that Inktober is kind of a big deal for Jacques. Back in 2018, when I saw the prompt list, I thought to myself, “what a good excuse to start a story!” So I concocted LMM, bringing to the fore one of the lesser-known and little-liked characters from Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox. Not because I had any great fondness (or plans) for Jacques (then), but because he was an outsider to all things Amaranthine. I thought it would be enlightening to get a human (non-reaver) perspective on all the goings-on at Stately House.

Next month will be our fifth go-around with the Inktober prompts. That means daily updates for LMM.

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