Galleries of Stone

News Flash! Because of a last-minute shuffle in his schedule, Travis Baldree’s narration of the third book in the Galleries of Stone trilogy by C.J. Milbrandt has been pulled to … TOMORROW! I’m always recommending this cozy fantasy series (it’s even linked on this blog’s sticky post: Want MOAR? Try this highly recommended series >>), in part because (dun, dun, dunnnn) I wrote it. (CJ is one of my other pen names.) Naturally, I always recommend starting a trilogy at the beginning, but if you want a free sample & to meet Tupper, Freydolf, and the rest … drop by in the morning for LIVE narration! ::twinkle::

How do you listen? You’ll need to join Travis’s Discord server, Cryptid Audio: Most days, he starts his sessions between 8am-9am. I’ll be there early. Hope you can drop in, too!

2 thoughts on “Galleries of Stone

  1. Hi, I was wondering if you could make a list of your other pen names on the blog so that we can check out your other stuff. I’ve really enjoyed the Amaranthine Saga and want to read more of your work.

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    • Oh, you’ll stay pretty busy just keeping up with 4thy & CJ. If you’re wanting to keep up with ALL my stories, consider joining my patreon accounts. BARD & BARBARIAN posts exclusively to forthright’s, and DEUCE (a Galleries of Stone prequel) has begun posting to CJ’s. Lots more stories (serials, shorts, and series) are planned!


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