ART: Mani-Pedi

The Adorning of Dragons. Stately House has become a peaceful retreat for those Argent trusts and respects. Lord Mossberne is one of the fortunate few, and he has long-since made himself at home.

“Mani-Pedi” | art by FoxOfTwilight

Although it’s only been hints here and there, it’s clear that those who call Stately House home love Lapis. He’s there as often as he can be. Throughout Book 4, Kyrie recalls Lapis often and fondly, since the dragon lord has been mentoring him almost since birth. Lilya is similarly attached.

Lilya had always considered Lapis part of her family. His face had been bending into view since her cradle days, because he doted on Kyrie. But Lapis was too kind to part her from the brother she adored. He had two arms, and so he would carry them both away. Some of her earliest memories involved midnight blue hair, trilling lullabies, and reaching for sparkling baubles that seemed to be singing.
Lapis came to Stately House more than any of the other members of the Amaranthine Council, and she was sure that in his heart, their home was his home.

Mikoto and the Reaver Village (Amaranthine Saga, #4)

Isla Ward is similarly close to Lapis, though their relationship has taken a turn toward the professional. Since she’s Hisoka-sensei’s apprentice and a diplomat in her own right, she works closely with everyone on the Amaranthine Council. But Lapis is practically family. Indeed, in Bk4, Lilya refers to him as “Uncle Lapis.”

Lilya quietly asked, “Is the song special, or is the song special because you’re singing it?”
“A little of both.” Most of his attention was now on the soaring tree overhead. “Dragons collect songs and stories, but instead of committing them to paper, we commit them to memory. And to melody.”
“You sing for us all the time.”
Lapis gave a demure trill. “It is my pleasure to lavish upon Stately House what the wider world rarely hears.”
Lilya stopped on one of the wide stairs. “Are you secretly majestic, or something?”
“I am publicly majestic. I am secretly myself and happiest with people who take me entirely for granted.”

Mikoto and the Reaver Village (Amaranthine Saga, #4)

Stately House my be the only place Lapis is taken entirely for granted. But it’s also where he’s universally loved.

Jacques took himself to the blue parlor, where Lapis lounged, head tipped back, expression blissful while Kyrie brushed his hair. Isla was also dancing attendance upon Lord Mossberne, adding gold leaf to his pedicure.
“Your meeting has been postponed,” Jacques announced. “Michael needed his lordship, and they’ll be away for the rest of the day.”
Lapis opened an eye. “No matter. More time for amateur theatrics.”

Lord Mettlebright’s Man, Ch447: “Dance Attendance”

In the art above, Lapis is enjoying a little pampering at the hands of Kyrie, who would be 13 in the current timeline of the Saga, which means he’ll look just like this for a long while. An Amaranthine’s growth slows as they head into adolescence, which generally lasts two centuries (give or take). And then there’s Isla, now in her twenties and still always expounding on something. She and Lapis have become close since work often throws them together & they have similar interests (namely books). When I was trying to explain their vibe to FoxOfTwilight, I said, “They’re good friends, almost like girlfriends.”

As you may recall, Lapis served as Lilya’s go-between.

“Lilya.” He waited for her to meet his gaze. “I have no firsthand experience with bonding and matrimony, but I am no stranger to contracts and the diplomacy required to appease all sides in the most complex of arrangements. And … I am no stranger to you. Would you allow me to act as your go-between?”

Mikoto and the Reaver Village (Amaranthine Saga, #4)

And of course, Lapis absolutely depends upon Jacques whenever the time comes for him to go deep.

The following Thursday, two more members of the Amaranthine Council arrived unannounced. Jacques found them in the front hall, not quite squabbling.
“But… I cleared my schedule especially!” Lapis flustered easily when he was tired. “To slip away.”
“Isla needed escorting,” replied Hisoka. “My schedule is similarly open.”
“I had hoped to have Jacques to myself.”
“Understandable. I share your preference.”
“I brought chocolates.”
“I brought nephews.”
Lapis whirled and draped himself piteously. “Am I supplanted?”

Lord Mettlebright’s Man, Ch330: “Dragons and Fours”

. . .

Close Crops for your viewing pleasure:

. . .

Will there be more Lapis in the Amaranthine Saga? Patience, my dears! As always, all I can really say is, “Time will tell, for I shall not!” ::twinkle::

2 thoughts on “ART: Mani-Pedi

  1. I do love Lapis. This is a lovely rendering of a family moment. Another beautiful rendering by FoxOfTwilight ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  2. I just…. Have so much love for all three of them, but ESPECIALLY Lapis ❤️❤️❤️ I would absolutely want to be besties ❤️❤️


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