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Galleries of Stone. The first book in the Galleries of Stone trilogy has released as an audio book. These stories have long been my comfort reads (yes, I’m entirely biased), but having the tale narrated by Travis Baldree brings the whole experience to a new level. If you haven’t already heard about this trilogy, it’s a gently-paced sort of story. Slice-of-Life. Cozy Fantasy. But as it goes along, aspirations crop up. To quote Aurelius Harrow, it has ambitions, but they’re deucedly small ones. If you trust my storytelling, try this, too. Book 1 is called … Meadowsweet.

A magical master sculptor banished from his homeland
hires the only Flox boy with the nubs to take his hand.

Story Summary. In places where the Twelve Mountains are honored for their magic, children are tested for affinity. But the villages in Morven’s foothills no longer remember stone lore. The Flox have forgotten the Statuary and the wonders that fill its winding galleries. All that remains are stories to frighten children and gossip about a monster living in the heights.
Necessity drives Freydolf to hire a Flox servant. Tupper Meadowsweet isn’t the cleverest child, but he’s brave enough to follow his Pred master onto Morven, where he finds hints of faraway lands, diverse races, unique customs, long histories … and danger.

Meadowsweet on Audible >>

3 thoughts on “Audio Release

  1. OMG! I’m so happy! I was actually checking for this last week. I almost asked when they would be coming out. These are my comfort-reads. Now I will have a comfort listen. 🥰🥰🥰


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