Flattered by Flowers

Teaser Time. As a reminder, I’m sneaking you a snippet from Flattered by Flowers (Songs of the Amaranthine, #8), which will release as a single, digital short story on April 4, 2021. Then, the next Songs anthology will release May 22, 2022 in both print & audio editions. As a matter of fact, Travis Baldree will be recording the short stories next week! Hemmed in Silver, Captured on Film, and Bathed in Moonlight are on the docket for public narration sessions, and you can drop in for a listen. (More on that later.) PRE-ORDER NOW

. . .

He’s a rough-hewn romantic, and she becomes his muse. Junpei is a day laborer who’s supporting his mother and younger brother. He’s mostly resigned to rough hands and scant respectability, but for a few precious hours each evening, he loses himself in the colors and beauty of creation. His painted lanterns and parasols always sell, but supplies are costly, and unlike his illustrious father, he has no patron. While Junpei struggles to get by, strange things are afoot in Keishi—foreigners and their foreign ways. But he’s most interested in the lovely daughter of a local sweets merchant, whose kimono patterns inspire his paintings.

Release Day: April 4, 2022

(Amazon’s US storefront)

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