Weekends and Wednesdays

Four Days a Week. With Mood Stripes wrapped up, I needed to decide what to do with the open slots in my blog schedule. While I could have begun a new fandom piece (I have a couple of plot!biddies in the old incubator), I want to prioritize finishing older fanfics before beginning any more new ones. So when Jacques sashayed in and offered to double his efforts, he got his way. Moving forward, we’ll only give him Wednesdays and weekends off. Which pleases me, because I *think* that means 2022 will bring us very close to the conclusion of Lord Mettlebright’s Man. Which is perfect, because I wanted to bring the serial to print (and audio) before the final (seventh) book in the Amaranthine Saga releases!

Thank you for showing Jacques so much support. (Methinks he’ll need it.) ::twinkle::

6 thoughts on “Weekends and Wednesdays

  1. All Jaques all the Time (though thinking about his coming to a closure means thinking about the Saga coming to a closure and okay I may not be as okay as I am pretending)

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    • If I may offer a smidgen of comfort:

      1) The Amaranthine Interludes collection will gain new titles even after the Saga is complete. For instance, #2 will be Kimiko and the Cycle of Moons. And I have plans for a #3, which will likely debut after LMM concludes.

      2) The Songs of the Amaranthine collection will also expand. I’ve reserved slots in my writing schedule for Songs 9-12.

      3) It’s not as if I’ll stop writing. I have the next thing & the next-next thing & even a next-next-next thing planned for this penname. My years will be yours. ::twinkle::


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