LMM: Time Skip

Moving Right Along. It’s time for LMM to skip along from the background of Kimiko (Bk2) to the background of Tamiko (Bk3). The jump’s not particularly large. Basically (not quite) two years, since New Saga was preparing for the 4th Anniversary of the Emergence, and the Reaverson family is looking forward to the 6th Anniversary.

Grandad lunged for the remote and unmuted the television, which was tuned in to his usual dinnertime gameshow.
“ … interrupt this broadcast for a special announcement,” intoned an announcer. “Again, we interrupt this broadcast for a special announcement.”
A few seconds passed, and the cameras switched to a familiar panel of newscasters. The banner on the screen held the logo for the Miyabe-Starmark courtship.
“Thought so,” muttered Grandad. “They’ve been dragging their feet over setting a date.”
“Exciting news from Keishi, Japan, where Spokesperson Hisoka Twineshaft and Spokesperson Suuzu Farroost have called a press conference. Odds are, this is the long-anticipated announcement of the next kiss, isn’t that right?”
“Undoubtedly,” agreed the second newscaster, folding her hands over her notes. “Speculations have been all over the calendar, with suggested dates ranging from American Thanksgiving to the upcoming Sixth Anniversary of the Emergence. Reaver Hinman, can you give us some idea of what dates might be considered auspicious from the Rivven perspective?”

Tamiko and the Two Janitors

What does this mean for life at Stately House?

  • Kyrie & Lilya are turning five in December
  • Akira graduated from New Saga nearly two years ago.
  • Tenma and Inti are traveling the world with Goh-sensei.
  • New orphans/students have come to Stately House. For example:

Jiminy’s stomach flipped. Not just any eavesdropper. “Good day to you, Lord Mettlebright.”
Tsk.” The spokesperson for the fox clans strolled into view, tea cup in one hand, sleeping child propped against the opposite shoulder. “Argent will do. Here, Smythe. Take him.”
Although Jiminy spotted his moue of distaste, Jacques said, “Yes, my lord. Come, Master Arnaud. You are required in the nap room.”
The toddler, whose long, spotted tail matched the mottling on his fuzzy ears, babbled something in French, which the butler answered with a crisp, “Non.”

Tamiko and the Two Janitor

And yes, as you may recall, unbeknownst to Jacques, there’s a trip to America in the offing. Oh, this WILL be fun! Kith-kin and shop boys and saddles, oh my! ::twinkle::

5 thoughts on “LMM: Time Skip

  1. Oh I’m so excited!! I love seeing thing happen from other perspectives when I’ve already seen it through once from another!!

    And awwwww it’s the end of October… I’ll miss my daily dose of Uncle Jackie….

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