Every Name a Story

Copper Eyes. The Starmark clan is famous for their copper eyes, a trait they inherited from Radiance, who hails from the Ambervelte pack. She’s a buoyant, charismatic lady, and in many essentials of nature, her son Harmonious takes after her. Mikoto Reaver is more than a little in awe of her: “Glint’s bondmate was a force few knew they should be reckoning.”

Kyrie fiddled with a set of wooden shutters, and more light flooded the shelter. Enough that Lilya could now see the small, silvery star that marked the center of Radiance Starmark’s forehead. “Is that your blaze?”
“No.” Her eyebrows arched. “It’s a miracle.”
“Truly?” asked Kyrie, coming closer and bending down to see.
Radiance hooked his elbow and pulled him onto her lap.
For a moment, Kyrie froze. Lilya understood his surprise. Most people were wary of a red-eyed boy with horns. Not her. When Lady Starmark proceeded to snuffle his neck, he collapsed into gasps and giggles.
“She’s sniffening you!” Lilya exclaimed.
“Don’t mind me,” said Radiance. “Standard procedure for special guests. Especially wily, barrier-dropping dragons who may need tracking.”

Mikoto and the Reaver Village (Amaranthine Saga, #4)

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