Cub Reporter [Naruto]

Fanniversary Special. It’s been 15 YEARS since I posted my first fanfic! ::confetti toss:: During my 2020 milestone, just for fun, I posted the first two chapters of my first Naruto fanfic, and when that story wrapped up, I promised a sequel for this year’s fandom anniversary. So here we are! If you haven’t read News Hound, do that first, because Cub Reporter takes place close on its heels. This fanfic will update on Wednesdays.

Summary: Sequel to News Hound. Iruka reaches the meeting point for his next undercover mission a day early. Terranean is a big enough city, getting lost in the crowds should be a cinch. But what’s lost can be found. And being found out would be disastrous. [Iruka & Kakashi/Sukea/Hound]

Chapter 1: “History Repeats”

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