Every Word Matters

Give and Take. There is a certain … compatibility of souls between the Amaranthine and reavers. In times past, this made reavers prey to greedy grabs for power. But some clans were patient enough to cultivate friendships with these bright souls, and trust led to the practice of tending. The five most prominent (even dominant) clans are those which held to a long tradition of peace & cooperation with reavers: dog, wolf, cat, dragon, and fox.

How long had it been? Several years, now. Ambrose hadn’t gone in for tending since leaving Europe. With the necessity of taking on reaver escorts, there had always been access. He was aware that Canary partook, as did Cat. But up until now, the reavers assigned to them had been bland things. They never stayed long, and none of them had inspired interest. Let alone trust.
Up until now.
It was mortifying to be so thoroughly drawn in. What had Canary said of the crew? Smitten. Ambrose could see why. It had nothing to do with Ms. Pinion being female. In his experience, a soul was a soul was a soul, regardless of the gender of the body in which it resided. The attraction wasn’t physical, yet the desire to be closer took hold with surprising strength.

Governed by Whimsy (Songs of the Amaranthine, #4)

One thought on “Every Word Matters

  1. I love the idea of tending. It’s so lovely to read about something based on kindness and warmth and generosity – it sparks my own imagination and daydreams 🥰


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