ART: Dare Together

Available Everywhere (Finally). Since it looks like Captured on Film has turned up in virtual storefronts internationally, I can finally share some quotes, art, and snapshots. Let’s begin with the brothers themselves! ::twinkle::

Dare Together | art by FoxOfTwilight

His brother ran a hand over a dark blond beard. “Hear me out.”
Okay, this was already bringing back bad memories. “No.”
“I came to invite you.”
“Remember how Dad would take us camping?”
Caleb held up a hand. “Invite Dad. He’d be thrilled.”
Josheb’s eyes narrowed. “I’m making this official. I dare you, Caleb Dare.”
“You can’t.”
“Can, too. Just did.” From his doubly superior height, Josheb smirked. “Live up to the name, or live down the shame. You know what’s riding on this.”
He did.
As one, they both looked to Nessie, whose tail thumped the floor.

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