Goodreads Policy

New Policy. Goodreads librarians have just been given the go-ahead to cull titles from their archives if they are NAB (not a book). One of the prerequisites for being a book is having an ISBN or ASIN assigned. According to this new policy, any title that’s 1) not a book and 2) missing an ISBN/ASIN… can and will be deleted from their system. Unless it has reviews. Then, they’ll leave them in the system in order to preserve those reviews (although those titles will be swept off into a new NAB section).

I spent quite a bit of time (and money) having covers made for my fanfics, which I’ve been slowly adding to Goodreads. Librarians have already flagged the collection and won’t allow me to group the titles using their series function. I just don’ tknow. Maybe it doesn’t really matter if my fanfics survive the culling. Or maybe you want to sneak over to Goodreads and leave some reviews.

Forthright on Goodreads >>

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