ART: Bard & Barbarian

Marc and Imber. They met when Imber was just a kid. The “divine beast” shaped the half-elf’s plans, giving him something to strive for. Because every adventure must be shared.

The years flowed past, bringing people and taking them away again. Usually, this inevitability didn’t bother Marc. If he found good companions for a time, he was grateful. But every so often, rarer than the crossroads of Cataclysms, he would find a man brave enough to smile into the face of his storm. Imber had the makings of such a friend.

Bard & Barbarian | art by FoxOfTwilight

For those who haven’t taken note, Bard & Barbarian is an original story about two of the characters I played in my very first DnD campaign. What can I say … I got attached. So I’m giving them a story. Imber’s and Marc’s serialized adventure will undoubtedly be a stand-alone book one day, but if you want to be a part of their story while it’s unfolding, become a patron.

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