Event – Pokemon GO!

How did I miss the special even that started last night and only runs until 6pm today (local time)?!? Walk with your Farfetch’d and make 10 excellent throws in order to evolve him into Sir Fetch’d! Also, Ponyta (Galaran) unicorns are in the raids today! ::wants one::

Not many of my friends are walking with Farfetched, so I’m spreading the word. Wanna friend me on Pokemon GO? Email me your friends code at always.forthright @ gmail.com

3 thoughts on “Event – Pokemon GO!

    • Took a drive into gym/spinner dense areas nearby. Jumped into ALL the Ponyta raids I could find & was rewarded with a sweetheart with perfect stats. Still pondering a name for her. Also managed the 10 Excellent throws necessary to evolve Farfetch’d into Sir Fetch’d. Sir for short.

      … now I really must get back to storytelling.


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