Personal Touches

Days Away. Counting today, we’re four days away from the release of Mikoto and the Reaver Village. The digital edition should deploy right on schedule, but print books will likely be delayed. I see you can now pre-order the print edition of Book 4 on Amazon. That’s good. They might even drop-ship from the printer, which usually means a quick turnaround. Signed copies will be a little slower to reach you, but I’m doing my best to make them worth the wait. Oh, look! Here’s a reason, now:

  • Signed books are always stamped (sneak peek above), and I personalize the bookplate on the flyleaf.
  • While I’ve always revealed the title of the next book in the series at the end of ebooks, I also put the summary at the back of print editions.
  • I’m keeping with tradition by including a business card-sized cover reveal of Bk5 as swag. ::twinkle::

Have you pre-ordered your print and/or digital edition yet? Release day is this coming Tuesday, September 22, 2020. Which is also my fandom anniversary. LOTS of story updates, newsy news, and reasons to celebrate ahead!

4 thoughts on “Personal Touches

  1. Hi! pre-ordered digital AND print editions!( as each time ).
    I’d love to buy the print one from you, but too far ,alas… (how much will it cost to receive your signed bookplates of all your books, to France?)
    I’ve seen awful news from USA about covid and big big fires, Hope everything is ok for you and your loved ones. Hugs and friendship from France.

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    • Where I live has been quite safe. All’s well with me & mine. Thank you for caring!

      Sending bookplate stickers for all the books? (Bk1-Bk4 + Anthology?) Easy! International rate is $4 each, and I can sneak in a small pile of swag. ::twinkle:: Email me the name you want me to inscribe + your address, and I can get them in the mail for you.



  2. I always use the business sized card as my bookmark for the book! It’s one of the nice little touches that makes me so happy. Looking forward to the book it’ll be an amazing treat to get to read it.


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