Behind the Name

Argent. I often go with (what I consider) unimaginative names for my characters if I think they’ll provide a secure hook for readers. Argent is a good example of this. A silver fox whose name means silver? Perhaps trite, but it suited him.

002 argent

Since the release of Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox, I’ve fielded a few questions about Argent’s name. One was … why doesn’t he have a Japanese name? The answer to that is simple. He’s not from Japan. He landed there during his proving journey. In fact, his name is probably a mouthful for Tsumiko, who would likely pronounce his name AH-roo-GEN-toh. Reminder: Argent was named by his mother, Lady Estrella Mettlebright, whose long connection to the Silverprong clan suggests European origins. (But that’s another story.)

5 thoughts on “Behind the Name

  1. I’ll be honest, when I first read Tsumiko and before I’d delved into audiobooks, I pronounced it the French way, namely ahr-jahnt with a soft j sound like in beige. (Or Jacques 😉) Took me awhile to switch gears!

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  2. I think Argent’s name is perfect – it’s a bit snooty-sounding which fits him well especially at the beginning of the story before we learn a lot of his behavior is protective armor. Gingko’s name gave me a good chuckle. Been thinking about Amaranthine clothing. My brain kinda went the kimono/hakama route for Argent’s clan outfit when I first read the book but I’m trying to figure out where else to look for inspiration.

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    • Traditional clothing varies among the Amaranthine clans. And day-to-day attire is a matter of personal preference.

      (I don’t usually go into great detail about attire in my books, so there’s a lot of imaginative license.)


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