Anthology Update

A Week and a Day. We’re nearing release day for the Songs of the Amaranthine print edition (5/22 ::confetti toss::), but I think we’re all about to face a quarantine-related hiccup. While Amazon (USA) is listing the title, they aren’t stocking it. Nor are they allowing pre-orders. That’s … discouraging. Understandable, though. If they are your usual resource, this may mean that your best option for getting your hands on the anthology is to order your copy from me.

That being said, I haven’t yet received book boxes from the printer. We’ve posted sentries and have ink pads and address labels at the ready. I’ll pic spam ASAP, but expect delays. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.

By the Way. Barnes & Noble will take your pre-orders. (Good on them!) Kobo only lists the solo digital editions, so more patience will be required. Check around!

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3 thoughts on “Anthology Update

  1. I never met you, and knowing that you are making this work even in the face of “Corona-geddon” makes me so proud. 😀
    I would say I love you, but there is a better term out there. XD
    I mom you. XD
    I have mom love for everyone.

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  2. I learned after the first time around to put my faith in Forth if I want my book in my hands as quickly as possible. 😁 Not that the other sellers aren’t good, just Forth is better! A delay actually works for me, I just got Rakefang into my hands!


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