Pre-Order a Signed Copy

Governed by Whimsy: The Anthology is at the printer. (The manuscript is also in the hands of to good folks at Tantor Audio/Recorded Books, so Travis Baldree’s narration is also forthcoming … though further off.) It may be a week or two before I receive book boxes, so it will be nip and tuck to make the May 22 release date.

This hefty 400+ page book is a compilation of the first four short stories in the Songs of the Amaranthine collection:

  • Marked by Stars
  • Followed by Thunder
  • Dragged through Hedgerows
  • Governed by Whimsy

I’ll share pictures once I get my hands on copies. In the meantime, I’m opening up for pre-orders. If you’d like a signed copy or a numbered bookplate (or both), details can be found under the tab Signed Books >>

  • Cost for a signed copy of this title (mailed within the US) will be $25.
  • I’ve added Zelle to your payment options.

Governed by Whimsy_The Anthology

I’ll let the orders pile up until the book boxes arrive, then settle in for a mass signing session. At that time, you’ll hear back from me, confirming your payment, address, and pertinent details about signing. And of course, if you are interested in signed copies of any of my other titles, everything’s in stock at the moment. Many thanks for your interest and support! ::twinkle::

Note: Readers who plan to buy the book from bookstores, this title should begin showing up for pre-order in virtual storefronts by the end of the week. Bookplates will be available so you can add a personalized touch. Details on the Signed Books page >>

11 thoughts on “Pre-Order a Signed Copy

  1. Oooh! I have to save a bit but I’ll be buying this! Not sure if I can get a signed copy or not only because I dont know how long you’re willing going to do that before I get the moneys I need.

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    • We have it in amazon France, this morning, YES!!! so happy! (I’d rather buy it from Forthright directly but shipping costs are so high between USA and Europe, so sorry….)


      • Yes, shipping literally *doubles* how much the books would cost. Not many can make that kind of splurge.

        Bookplates will be available again for this title, should you want a much cheaper option ($4 internationally) for adding a personal touch. ::twinkle::


      • It’s still not available on Amazon US. T__T I wonder if it’s bc of the pandemic. I wanted to order from Amazon mostly bc I have other books in my cart and an Amazon gift card but if it doesn’t show up soon, I’ll splurge and buy directly. *shrugs*


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