Bard & Barbarian

Bards Will Be Bards. A new chapter has been added to my Patreon-exclusive story, which I’ve promised to update at least once a month. (This is the third installment in April, so yay!) Bard & Barbarian on Patreon >>

BnB 009

In related news. Up until now, I’ve been working on a give-what-you-can basis, but I have been plotting in grateful ways. It’s time to add tiers … so that you pick your incentives. We’re hammering out details behind the scenes. Tiers should kick in for June.

2 thoughts on “Bard & Barbarian

  1. Good morning Forthy, I have been enjoying all your new chapters and recently increased my Paterson installment. Changing over to tiers would be great. I look forward to seeing what each tier offers. Stay safe. Joanne Ellis

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