Governed by Whimsy

Available for Pre-Order. I’m finally ready to set the release date for the fourth story in the Songs of the Amaranthine collection. This is the solo digital edition. The print anthology will be coming along later, probably in May. An audio edition of the 4-story collection is already contracted, so you can also look forward to Travis Baldree’s narration.

His whims drove off her predecessors.
Her whimsy drives him to distraction.

Songs of the Amaranthine 04, Governed by Whimsy

To Ambrose P. Merriman, a stage actor who’s gained acclaim on three continents, reaver escorts are more trouble than they’re worth. Easy-come, easy-go, he hardly bothers to learn their names anymore. But the director and producer of their theater troupe, who are already dancing on the fringes of acceptability, won’t risk losing their independence by neglecting this duty to the In-between.

Reaver Greta Demerara comes with suspiciously excellent references, but by the time the Evernhold brothers realize she’s carrying considerably more baggage than anyone bothered to mention, the train’s already left the station. What’s more, it’s quickly apparent that Greta’s no easier to deal with than their star. It’s either a game of cat and canary or a courtship. And Ambrose would give almost anything for a look at the script.

Release Date: April 4, 2020
Pre-order on Amazon >>


10 thoughts on “Governed by Whimsy

  1. Have I mentioned before how much I appreciate the care you take to make your posts clear? I saw the first few words and was ready to hit the Buy Now button until I read further and saw this was for the standalone dogital edition of Saga #4.
    Very excited it’s now available for preorder and even more excited that the print anthology is on the horizon!


    • Sorry, *digital not dogital. Using a small screen
      in bright sunlight makes it difficult for me to proof my posts. Although _dog_ital has possibilities too //heehee


  2. Yes! I have been waiting for this message.
    Pre ordering at the kobo website not possible yet, but now I know the date of release. It is in my agenda!


  3. YESSSSSS TO ALL OF THE ABOVE!!! I’ve been waiting to hear more since Valentine’s and I’m just so. Damn. Excited.
    And it’ll be a treat to hear all these stories read by Travis! He gets me through my long commutes! 🥳☺️


  4. LOVE!!! the buttons on the cover! (I have a huge collection of vintage buttons, no idea why. They just sort of show up and stay…) Looking forward to ordering in May. 😁


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