The best part of making tonkatsu…

…is being able to fix katsudon for breakfast.  For the uninitiated, tonkatsu = fried pork cutlets. And katsudon involves simmering slices of katsu with onions, mirin, and soy sauce in a small pan, then drizzling the lot with egg before sliding it over a bowl of hot rice. In Japan, the dish is often made to bring good luck because the word katsu means “win.” (In anime, it’s the go-to meal for students with a test/competition on the morrow.) Fangirls may recall katsudon having a prominent place in Yuri on Ice!

Katsudon, 01.20

7 thoughts on “The best part of making tonkatsu…

    • I may have to photograph the bowl for y’all. (I started adding snapshots of my collection over on Patreon, under the “cupboard” tag.)

      The yellow veggie is pickled daikon (radish), as in Kikuko Miyabe’s pet insult for Dickon, “that radish man.” (See: Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal.) While daikon are white, they’re always (well, almost always) tinted yellow during the pickling process. In stores, you’ll find “pickled” and “sweet pickled,” and I like the sweet sort.


  1. I’m my house, this is also how we make tendon (pieces of tempura and the sauce, then add beaten eggs and cook a bit before putting it over rice). We also do this with thick slices of onion, simmered in the sauce until soft, add ground turkey and diagonally sliced green onion, then the egg, cook covered for a few minutes until it puffs up like an omelette, serve over rice and garnish as desired with shredded nori and shichimi (a Japanese seasoning with chili powder in it). You could do it with tofu instead of turkey for a vegetarian version. It’s still delicious but a lot less greasy than with the deep-fried stuff (which I love way too much). All credit to my amazing hubby!

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  2. That looks amazingly yummy! Now I’m hungry and it’s much too late to eat. Sigh. Do you pickle your own diakon or buy it? Hmmm I’m thinking I could use some sweet pickle juice and try that myself.

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