So … I was linked to Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal fanart earlier today (go see!) which somehow led to my setting up a Patreon account. How else was I supposed to like & comment, y’know? But the upshot is … I now have a Patreon account. Looks to me like most people use it to reward their supporters with exclusive content. Which is a little brain-breaky for someone who’s used to luring in followers with free content.

But lets play around with some ideas here.

  • Do you have a Patreon account? What do you use it for?
  • Are you a patron on Patreon? Why did you become a supporter?
  • Aside from bribing me to finish my fanfics, how might I put Patreon to use?
  • What kind of “exclusive content” would make this worth my time & your money?

I mean … I can just keep doing what I’m doing, and you support me plenty by buying, reading, rating, reviewing, and recommending my original stories. #IfItAintBroke #BeFree

Oh, hey, maybe I should just support artists like Aviva who are kind enough to create art of my characters. #WouldntComplain #BringItOn

What do you think I should do?

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13 thoughts on “Patreon

  1. I have a patreon account. I follow and support. I mostly use it to support the artists I like. That’s enough for me. Some people send digital material, others physical, other live q&a, others livestream, others a view of updates previous to them being posted. Perhaps special oneshots that won’t be shared anywhere else? Stickers or discounts in the books and such? There are many possibilities. Those are the ones I have seen most. Polls, chance to be able to participate in decisions. Wallpapers I have seen too.

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  2. If it helps any, one of my regular commissioners uses Patreon as a way to crowdfund comic projects. ovo So the donations are entirely for “Do you want to see art/comics of this? Yes? Welp, let’s take your subscriptions and do that thing.” XD

    It feels special that this was my first fanart for you. “Troved” was always one of my favorites, so it silly amounts of appropriate. TTvTT

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  3. Wish I could give you a learned input. A lot of blogs I listen to use that platform. I guess it would depend on how much you make using it vs what they charge you for their service. I’m guessing there is some kind of charge.

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  4. I support plenty of artists on Patreon. The only thing I ask for is more communication with patrons, than other social media sites. I am partial to the “oay what you want” for everyone to have equal access

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  5. • Do you have a Patreon account? What do you use it for?
    Nope. I already have so many accounts, so adding one more is a mess.

    • Are you a patron on Patreon? Why did you become a supporter?
    Nope, but I do occasionally go to the site when something catches my fancy and they link it there. Nothing has ever enticed me to pledge though.

    • Aside from bribing me to finish my fanfics, how might I put Patreon to use?
    Exclusive content one can’t see from your blogs.

    • What kind of “exclusive content” would make this worth my time & your money?
    The thing with patreon is, you will feel the pressure to update and tune in with your readers/audience since they’re directly paying you. The higher the pay, the more frequent new content should be released. Pogo, the artist, comes to mind. He said that he kinda felt restricted afterwards with his creative freedom since one of his albums (or EPs? not sure) was on patreon and he had to come up with a song every week or so… I think. I forgot. And you have to produce something that tops the audience’s expectations or otherwise they’d be unsatisfied that they invested money into you.

    In other words, when money’s involved, things get dicey.

    That being said, it’s a good way to rake in regular viewers an give you a deadline, if you’re worried about productivity.

    Best regards.

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  6. Hmm. I’m not on Patreon or a supporter but I have seen other content creators utilize the platform and followers donate to creators they like to support. I think one idea that would be cool for Patreon is seeing one shot stories from the Amaranthine Saga, kind of like “deleted scenes” that couldn’t fit in the books or stories. They can be whatever length works out best for your schedule.

    For example, I always thought there was more that happened between Kimi and Quen for instance, but that there was too much going on in the book, so their romance was cut short. What else happened in their courtship? Did they spend anymore time together outside of school and go-betweens? I also thought there was a lot of backstory that would have been cool to learn about Daroo-fen (“Dragged Through Hedgegrows”) that wasn’t revealed in the story. I’ll try not spoil things here but I think there might have been a big battle at the end of Kimiko’s book that wasn’t explored? So perhaps one shot scenes with characters or slice of life stuff, or etc. might be a cool idea to explore. But I understand if for storytelling or future writing purposes you can’t dive in to those ideas.

    Or maybe like behind the scenes content of what inspires you to create, or how your writer’s process works? I’ve also seen some creators have things like digital posters or stickers or pins, but I think that’s usually with the artists on Patreon. I’m not sure about writers. Wish I could come up with more ideas, but that’s what comes to mind off the tops of my head.

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    • Great minds. I was thinking about some “between the scenes” oneshots myself. Or putting together the full cycle of moons for Quen & Kimiko. (That’d be a book unto itself once complete.)

      I’m grateful for all this input.

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      • That would be a book I’d love to read. Their romance was so cute! And you’re welcome. I’m glad the input helps, even a little. :3


  7. I am not a patron of Patreon – although there are several authors I dearly like who have accounts there. I dislike the requirement of providing a billable credit card / account. There is no option to pay for the year – you *must* be billed every month. That isn’t an option in my financial situation. Also, I’ve noticed that some authors who used to publish regularly (once a year / at least keep readership apprised of every other year) – opened a patreon account (and one of the perks is access to the book in progress….) – almost three years later, no sequel to their current series. I think they are making enough money from Patreon not to feel pressure to finish the books & publish. Which is fabulous for them, but not so great for all of their fans outside of Patreon. And, lets be honest, some of us budget to buy books but can’t afford to join every Patreon.

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    • Oh, I can sympathize. The requirement also makes me uncomfy. It’s not like I’m looking for ways to bilk readers of more money. I won’t get all stingy and start forcing subscriptions for stories I’ve always been happy to share with no strings attached.

      For now (and I did my first patrons-only post a few minutes ago), I’ll offer insiders peeks behind the scenes. And “first looks” that will come out to everyone in time.


      • I don’t look at it like bilking readers out of money! Writing is a job (which I hope you love) and you should get paid for it! More income revenue streams for authors are very good things. And despite my lack of comfort with Patreon’s payment policies, I wish I could afford to support all of the authors I love. But I can’t. So just please keep publishing so those of us who don’t join can eventually buy the story too?


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