Library Books

Check Them Out! Did you know you can spread the appeal of the Amaranthine Saga by requesting that your local library add the series to their collection? If you do, I’d be grateful. Send snapshots if you find my books shelved anywhere! ::twinkle::

Amaranthine Books, from Chelsea

Kimiko in Franklin TN a.jpg

Tsumiko, Library Edition

2 thoughts on “Library Books

  1. My city’s library is being a butt about it. I am going to try again. Pffft, they don’t what theu’re missing!


  2. Yep! I requested all three books in print for my local library. And in case it’s easier for anyone else– it is possible to request the books as ebooks or audiobooks through your library system’s digital database. It may be easier for the library to get. Mine now has print and audiobook versions of the Amaranthine Saga. I requested them in print because its essier for me to read a book. <:)


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