LMM: Goals

Eight Hundred. If I were to carefully spin out Lord Mettlebright’s Man so that it reaches 800 chapters, it would be the perfect length to create a print edition. These drabbles may well become your eyes on behind-the-scenes events at Stately House (or at least those that interest Jacques) over the course of the main series. Expect future time skips as our brazen butler tries to keep up.


6 thoughts on “LMM: Goals

  1. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 I am already so invested, it’s going to be so FUN to see things from this side!!


  2. Ooh, yes! And what about some behind the scenes novellas or poetry collections (or semi-canonical “fanfics”) following the various courtships, apprenticeships, or family lineage in the series? Maybe something from a Kith’s point of view, or an heirloom’s, or even a location’s, all of the above…(Path’s den! Glint’s comb! A reaver bracelet! STONEHENGE!) I know it’s greedy of me, but I want to devour all the lore. And all the romance. You’re such a master.


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