Concerted Effort

Unexpected. While I still maintain that they’re entirely different stories, there’s no denying the details I borrowed from myself when creating Tamiko and the Two Janitors. All in fondness and fun. Here’s an old commission from back when Unexpected was updating regularly.

_Unexpected, Concerted Effort by Rikayu-chanConcerted Effort by Rikayu-chan

3 thoughts on “Concerted Effort

  1. This is me quietly putting myself to bed because still no updates for Unexpected. TTATT But at the same time, I’m dying for the next Amaranthine Saga. It’s another one you haven’t finished yet. YOU’RE KILLING MY HEART. I still love you. I qualify as a super fan. If you published your fanfiction in volumes, I would buy those, too. //dead

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  2. I know right? I got my hopes up too when I saw the words “Unexpected”…. Nice picture but story? Please? ^-^ Just one chapter? Even just a dribble…one hundred words more (for starters) would bring happiness galore! ^-^

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