Mood Stripes 106: Gaining

Disclaimer: I do hereby disclaim all rights and responsibilities for the characters in this audacious adventure… especially for the strong one. A nod of recognition is bent towards Rumiko Takahashi for her creative prowess.

Chapter 106: Gaining

Sesshoumaru couldn’t take back anything he may have said in the past, but neither was he bound by past opinions. His brother could be crude, but he found he appreciated Inuyasha’s blunt manner and brisk actions. They made little of much.

“Oi. You able to do that thing yet?”


Inuyasha waved a hand. “Stand in midair.”

“Hnn.” Sesshoumaru used his gaining power to hover above the woodland path.

His brother snorted. “I’m telling you right now, you’re not that tall.”

He arched a brow.

“Smug bastard. No way you’re half a head taller after I took off your legs!”

• • •

Original Posting Date: September 13, 2019
Prompt: Crude, suggested by Bubbleloveworld
Words: 100

• • •

Summary: In the aftermath of the Final Battle, the victors lick their wounds and look ahead. However, a misspent wish on the Shikon-no-Tama changes minds, hearts, fates… and colors. SK. Canon Divergence. [Hurt/Comfort, Romance] Begins here. To scroll through archived chapters, use the Mood Stripes tag. And you’re always welcome to suggest a prompt.


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