Already Restocking

Signed Books. I have another stack of books ready to bring to the post office this afternoon. This shipment just about cleaned me out! (Good problem to have.) Restock order has already been placed with the printer. And hey, if you want to sneak into this batch, I do still have 2-3 books on hand. More about how to secure one is on the SIGNED BOOKS page >>


One thought on “Already Restocking

  1. I’ve already read my pre-ordered Kindle version of Tamiko and the Two Janitors (and I’m gonna read it again! And again and again…), but I cannot wait to have my physical signed copy. *goofy grin*

    I definitely plan to have both electronic and paper copies of all of your work, m’dear Forthright, and right now I have a good start – all three Amaranthine novels in both forms (with the physical books all signed, yassss), and your first collection of Amaranthine stories on my tablet. Soon I will have it all…! *dies of the happy*

    Look for a gushing and grateful review from me on the Squee post this weekend when work isn’t killing my useful brain cells. ^^


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