Followed by Thunder

Celebrating a New Story. The second short story in the Songs of the Amaranthine collection is ready for readers! If you need an additional nudge toward the splurge or the indulgence of a few hours’ read, here are a couple of characters from the story, courtesy of FoxOfTwilight.

The Strength of the Thunderhoof Clan by FoxOfTwilight

The Strength of the Thunderhoof Clan

6 thoughts on “Followed by Thunder

  1. Is this available on kobo? I’ve bought all your other releases on kobo but can’t seem to find this one! (also I’m in Australia, and it’s 5th of May, so I’m not sure if that will impact release times or not). I was so looking forward to reading it today 😭

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  2. Forthy, Your imagination and ability to tell great stories is equal, in my opinion, to the likes of Tolkein and Rodenberry. I feel immersed and present in the Amaranthine world you have created. Please continue to publish stories from this world as you are making me a VERY happy reader. Blessings. Carol Swan

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