ART: Always and Ever

It’s Cyber Monday, but I’m not really offering any spiffy deals. So let’s make do with a special announcement. Amaranthine Saga audio books are coming in 2019!

Always and Ever by FoxOfTwilight

Always & Ever by FoxOfTwilight
a.k.a. “Headphones Challenged”


16 thoughts on “ART: Always and Ever

  1. Wonderful! Who will be doing the narration/reading? I buy Kindle and the audible; yup sometimes I buy the print too.


  2. Woot! Great artwork. Ever is so cute. I love the idea of audiobooks. Cannot wait. Good luck with this whole new venture. (Also, counting down the days until Songs if Amaranthine.)


  3. That is so exciting! I may have to get the Kindle version too. And Thank You FoxOfTwilight for another gorgeous piece of art! I keyed in on those socks (Life is too short for boring socks!) and Ever is adorable.


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