ART: Eloquence Starmark

Born the same year as the Emergence, Ever Starmark was the most famous hybrid on the planet. His mother, Dad’s second bondmate, was human, and Ever’s very existence was considered proof that peace wasn’t just possible, it offered new possibilities for the human and inhuman races.

Eloquence slouched into Rise and smiled at Ever’s shifting expression. He knew every quirk and dip of those auburn ears, the swirl of emotion through shining eyes, and the eager thump of his stubby tail. If Quen was completely honest, Ever was the main reason he’d dragged his feet about enrollment. He couldn’t exactly bring a three-year-old to class.

How was he supposed to explain high school to Ever?

Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal (Amaranthine Saga, #2)

• • •

Runt. Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal opens by introducing readers to Eloquence Starmark, who holds a unique place within his clan. For reasons, he never expected to have a bondmate, but he was (mostly) content and entirely grateful for the den he shares with a bachelor uncle, a baby brother, and whoever else may be looking for a cozy place to bed down. No matter what, Quen has Ever, and Ever has Quen.

Quen and Ever by FoxOfTwilight

Eloquence and Ever by FoxOfTwilight


8 thoughts on “ART: Eloquence Starmark

  1. Aww look at his happy face clutching his brother’s braid. Family, be it blood or chosen is all any of us have and I thank you greatly for emphasising this in your books.

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  2. Hoh… What is that – tattoo? around Ever’s ankle… Haven’t gotten book 2 yet but soooon~ (I’m sure your email list is long, no rush! It’s also buried in squee…)

    [Also, may I just say, it amuses me greatly to have Akismet be the security program. Because. A kismet. *Very* fitting, forthright ❤ ]

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