Fangirl at the Grocery Store

Not on the List. When fans shop, seemingly random items can make their way into the cart for no better reason than … squee factor. Case in point: on a recent stroll through the international aisle at a local grocery store, a line of fancy-schmancy pasta caught my eye. But it was the name for this particular variety that secured a purchase.


Arcobaleno = Rainbow
…but to this fangirl, Arcobaleno = Reborn!


Katekyo Hitman Reborn! is a one of those long-running shonen series with the sort of running jokes that I associate with gag anime. Everyone has their schtick and their catchphrases, so the entire character introduction phase (more than thirty episodes) gets a little … repetitive. But Akira Amano is laying the groundwork that becomes the foundation for an amazing storyline. It’s such a favorite of mine that even though the anime is more than 200 episodes long, I’ve watched it all the way through three times. (No surprise, since it encompasses some of my favorite themes: friendship, kinship, and mentorship.)

Have you ever bought a random thing for its fandom significance?

9 thoughts on “Fangirl at the Grocery Store

  1. …… there used to be a fruit/veggie juice blend called Kagome at my local grocery store! It was sooo good and fueled my fan needs, but I can’t find it anywhere anymore 😩💔

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  2. I have been slowly trying to get into Reborn as a friend writes a crack Naruto/Reborn fanfic. Like most dog lovers I get distracted because…squirrels!

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      • Naruto reincarnated into the family and builds his own ninja/murder team from characters that are whispers of what and who they were. I have a tough time keeping them straight sometimes. Scary good…and a bit dark. You spoil me rotten baby On AO3 by Millarca.


  3. a) I would totally buy something that says Arcobaleno (Reborn is my fav char!!)
    b) I once bought red almond cookies because they were from “Moravia” (the setting of one of my favorite paranormal romance series about Vampires by Katie MacAlister) and pretended they were “blood cookies”…even tho I am allergic to almonds (really badly)

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    • I have bought many, many things over the years because they tie in somehow to one of my books.

      …or fanfics, for that matter. For instance, I own a nightgown with an all-over pattern of cows jumping over little crescent moons. And it pleases me.

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