Itadakimasu! I live in an area with plenty of Asian markets and restaurants. Tried a new place last week and snapped a photo of my lunch. Ramen served in an iron pot—shouyo broth, soba noodles, poached egg, fish cakes. There was also tempura shrimp to slide on top. Yummm!

Legit Ramen

Already plotting to go back. I need to sample more items on their menu!

3 thoughts on “Authentic

  1. That looks sooooo good. A new ramen place opened not VERY far away from me (about a hour) that my friends say makes it worth the trip. (my fav place is in Brooklyn tho, they have oxtail ramen and omg so delicious but that’s a good 2 hour trip by train…)


  2. Yum! We have a wonderful place that we go for Korean food and sushi. Sadly he doesn’t do ramen. I need to find a place does.


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