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Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal. If you need a place to react, confer, or kick up a fuss, this is the spot. I’ll enjoy your enthusiasm, I might be willing to clarify small points, but I reserve the right to evade questions that will be answered later in the series. ::twinkle::


29 thoughts on “Squee Post

  1. I am only 5% in but forthy your writing is SO SERENE. like…I don’t know if that’s the right word for it. there’s like…a tranquility to the flow of your writing that I so appreciate. Its been…a terrible day already and I’m just so happy I have this look forward to unwinding with.

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  3. I hoped to spread the enjoyment of reading this book over several days. Unfortunately, I was unable to do that. The book popped into my Kindle Library this morning and I sat through the whole morning reading it. I enjoyed going deeper into this world and loved the new characters I met along the way.

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  4. I JUST FINISHED READING AND I’M ALREADY DYING IN ANTICIPATION FOR BOOK 3. And I’m also really curious! What is Tenma’s power, exactly? Will the mysteriously evasive Hisoka ever reveal his reasons for staying single? Who’s the rogue dragon? Why was a fox chasing Inti? What’s the deal with Kusonoki, will it ever awaken, and why does the shrine have all these secret treasures? What’s the significance of Kimiko releasing the south wind? The magical seeds? Will Akira and Suuzu get their HEA? Who are Tamiko and the two janitors???? AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, WILL THERE BE MORE TSUMIKO/ARGENT AND KIMIKO/QUEN FLUFF? I can’t wait for everything to be revealed…eventually. LOL.

    Anyway, thanks for another great book, Forthy. I really enjoyed the amount of lore in this one — especially the hand signals. 🙂

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  5. i knEW IT!!!! TAMIKO AND THE TWO JANITORS!! I just finished rereading Unexpected and i KNEW there was no way it wouldn’t be incorporated in the Sagas!! I got my book just in time to finished the last chapter of Kimiko in print and have that lovely surprise slip out of my book. Such a treat!! You always know ways to make us ::twinkle::!
    I love love LOVE Kimi and Quen, they’re such a wonderful, kind, warm couple! Loving that, though Kimi supposedly has a much less brilliant soul than those we’ve met before, it’s shown that she herself is worth so much more that just that! I have an idea about the fox…. but we’ll have to see…. You’re killing me with the continued phantom of the dragon looming over everyone still!
    Suuzu and Akira pull HARD at my heartstrings…. I want the world for them. It kills me how wrecked Suuzu is about the thought of losing Akira. Praying to any and all heavenly lights that they find a way! Then, not only would Suuzu not Akira, but Tsumiko wouldn’t either!
    St. Midori’s revelation bowled me over!! As soon as Quen reiterated, it was like my stomach dropped in incredulity… Ha! Well done on that little (i.e. big) detail!
    Can’t wait to see how Tenma progresses in the future – it was such a joy to see Lapis “unbroken”. I’m sure that’ll come up more later so I’ll be excited to see what that’ll mean for him.
    I could go on (and on and on and…) but suffice to say I so enjoyed this next installment. It was absolutely worth the sleepless night! I’m already on the edge of my seat for what’s next, both MbS and TatTJ! (Both covers are beautiful, by the way, they’ll be so striking on-shelf!)
    Always much support and love for you, your people, and your world! Now bask in your glory – you’ve earned it!

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  6. I just finished reading and i super duper mega loved every moment of it! Many emotions were had and thus pausing of the putting the book down to have emotions had to happen too and i just loved it all so much!
    I really loved everyone, all our new friends and the old ones, it’s interesting to see how things developed since last we saw the world and it was just so good to be back, i absolutely adored it all, i may have also grown very attached to Lapis [and by may have i mean definitely have, can’t explain why just love him even more, which could prove a bad idea but when has that ever stopped anyone?]
    Kimi and Quen are so cute together, i love how she’s so willing to learn how to do things properly so she doesn’t accidentally mess up the whole courting thing and i love how he’s just so caring and very huggable [i assume] their dynamic is v cute and i’m looking forward to seeing how the whole ‘Spokeswife’ thing in the future goes [i laughed so much at the phrase ‘Spokeswife’, its just such an awesome idea and i loved it and laughing seemed the best pause emoting to go with it]
    Suuzu and Akira’s relationship evolving was so interesting to follow, i’m really looking forward to any tidbits we may get about them in the future and also meeting more of Suuzu’s family, Juuyu was such a cool surprise
    Tenma was an unexpectedly delightful surprise, precious child is getting all the hugs he deserves and nothing makes me happier than people getting very well deserved hugs [except maybe me giving them hugs but can’t really do that here unless we perfect a machine that allows people to go into story universes]
    All the plot lines that have been interwoven and dat new lore and the interesting tidbits that go with dat new lore and your awesome storytelling just really made this such an awesome time. I even so desperately wanted to read this book i actually read the kindle version [which my mother got herself because she also loves these books and she lent me her account] rather than awaiting my print book and beeleaf me it was so very worth it. Was very calming to read while i was a little stressed this morning too [started it yesterday afternoon finished it today evening with some interruption]. Def gonna be re-reading again in the near future, [and by near future i mean like i may start my re-read tomorrow, you just have very re-readable writing y’know? i’ve re-read Tsumiko very many times too]
    Many thanks for your giving us all these wonderful stories to read and im super looking forward to reading even more ❤

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  7. I just got my book so I haven’t read anything so I’m not look at the spoilers here LOL I’ll come back and do a much better review in the future but my biggest squee right now is the preview for the next book, WHICH I WON’T SAY ANYTHING YET!! For those who can’t see it yet! But i have to say I lost my bet with my self on what it would be and what color the cover is. I was wrong…BUT I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK BECAUSE IT’S THE ONE I LOVE THE MOST!! That is all I will say…for now…OH and gosh, the book covers are so pretty!! Love how red it is!


  8. I really enjoyed this book, especially picking out things I recognize from some of the other stories you’ve written. Especially near the end where I definitely picked out things from Lord Charming, so that was fun.

    Am I the only person most intrigued by Laud? White hair, copper eyes, blaze on the forehead, strong silent type? Maybe paying homage to one of our favorite characters but putting your own spin on things? >.>

    Hopefully so!

    I really would love to see more of Laud/maybe see a book about him because I’m definitely interested. Also curious to see how the story with Lapis unfolds. Eagerly awaiting to see if/when you fit in Lord Charming or Unspoiled since those were definitely my favorites.




    Akira and Suuzu are killing my feels loudly and harshly just crush them everywhere OMG IT HURTS. Also Lapis. Lapis, precious bby LET ME HOLD YOU TOO. //faceplants

    I’m going to be super duper honest and say I’m clinging to the idea of Suuzu taking the lead in a Clutter remake. So hard. If it’s not canon I will be sorely tempted to write it myself because dear lord this precious fussing phoenix hurts my heart so damn good.

    And Ever. And Rise. And Tenma, and Hanoo and Ploom and Yoota and QUEN AND KIMI dear lord just kill me now. //faceplants harder

    Also. Now I have to go read the inspiration fic for the next one to stave off the craze as I desperately wait for book 3.


    • I KNOW! THere’s so much I wan to now about those two so I can’t to read more.I wonder if they’ll be in the next book or not! And Akira! Just admit you got a hot bird boyfriend and say you love him! UUGH!

      I feel like it’ll be Suuzu’s brother who will be in Clutter redo. They both honestly fit so I’m not sure.

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      • I feel you. Juuyu or Suuzu, either birb boy will make me happy. In the event that there IS a Clutter redo, because Forthy tells us nothing. TTvTT I’M SO GLAD THO, I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE VIOLENTLY SHIPPING THEM. I’m hurting so hard, but it’s so wonderful. QvQ


        • Although if there was a Clutter redo with Suuzu and Akria I would LOVE to see what would be done. But Akria doen’t work with the Mikos…..*eyes narrow*….Side story of the main stories…..


  10. I haven’t finished, just wanted to stop by and say I am really enjoying the Pride-and-Prejudice-like touches with the overbearing mother and obsession with marrying daughters off to good matches :).


  11. I have now finally finished!! I super enjoyed this book a lot! My only gripe about it is I would have liked to have seen Kimiko and Quen interact with each other more. Not really a big gripe but still, I would have liked to have read about them getting to know each other more. I wonder if we will see more of that in future books.

    I guess I would have liked to see more interaction in the class room too. Like I know not everyone is important but it would have been interesting to see how the humans thought of things, how everyone worked with each other and more Brev…I like bears ok!?

    Keep in mind, while I am saying these things I also SUPER enjoyed this book. I loved learning more about the lore and the people in this one!

    Also I super LOVED the cast of this book! Everyone seemed super interesting! I would actually really like to learn more about Goh. He seemed cool!

    Did they ever find the first girl who was kidnapped? That kind of concerned me that I didn’t see her mentioned again.

    I super adore the idea that dragons are color both in personality and looks. Also I think it’s neat that a power they have is to charm people into doing what they say. It’s neat and terrifying!

    New characters were awesome! And it was great to see old ones return! Suuzu and Akira!!! I swear they need their OWN book. They really need to figure out their feelings. Or should I say I’m glad they are coming to an understanding. Pretty certain Akira is still trying to figure out his, but Suuzu is being so noble I don’t think he would ever state his. They built a nest people….they got feelings! Akira’s got something inside him…magic power…golden egg…seed baby….*eyes narrow* I will figure out the mystery…..

    I’m not sure if I’m smart enough to figure it out but I still haven’t figured out what Broken is. I get that it has to do with Reaver’s powers and maybe forcing it on others so that they can’t function well. But I’m not sure if that’s true or just what I have put together….

    Really loved this book again! I think I liked the couple from the first book more because of interactions but I loved the story of this one over that one! Not that it’s a contest or something because they’re all good!

    I can’t wait until the next book because it’s one of my favorite fics! And I’m looking forward for Songs because I need more of that sweet sweet lore!

    And all I’m saying is Tree People!!! WE’RE GONNA SEE SOME SOON!!


  12. Loved it! I’m really hoping for an authorfic serial on these two, for the rest of their courtship and maybe a sort of epilogue. I finished the book weeks ago (or it feels like weeks), and I miss them.
    Rampant speculation: Akira’s “egg” is latent/nascent reaver abilities, or perhaps he somehow ate one of those seeds. I would not be surprised if it were related to the ancient trees. Can’t wait for more! Thanks, Forthy!


  13. Hey Forthy! I was just wondering, are your Amaranthine dragons secretly inspired by Lucifer from the bible? I just noticed that they are said to be the most beautiful of the Makers creations, and they use words to control and trick…just like a little someone we know called Lucifer. And Lucifer also at one point was in the form of a reptile so…well. If this is the case, I think it’s genius! But, put a curious gurl out of her misery and give me a hint as to whether or not I’m really onto something yah? 🙂


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