Roses Are Red

For those following my InuYasha x YuYu Hakusho crossover, Affinity has just updated. Another installment will be coming in the next few days. Meanwhile, I found a bit of fanart in the depths of my archive. Kurama (the male lead in Affinity) is famous for using a red rose as a weapon. James from Pokemon‘s Team Rocket (I officially claim him as my first anime crush) is also prone to flourishing a red rose. So my good friend jupeboxgal created this art for me ages ago. Enjoy!

Roses Are Red by jupeboxgal

Roses Are Red by jupeboxgal

4 thoughts on “Roses Are Red

  1. Oh my gosh, yay!! Thank you for the update on Affinity, I fell in love with the pairing and story when I read the fanfic a while back. Got me to rewatch YYH too haha. Happy release day, Forthright!


  2. OMG, I forgot that you had a whole section of fanfiction that wasn’t Inuyasha related. I MUST read these before I allow them to distract me during NaNoWriMo lol


  3. Your update sent me straight into the past of my younger self over a decade and then some ago when I shipped and shipped with all my heart this crossover pairing. It was a really nice surprise to see, and I’m super excited for my order of Book #1 and #2 to come in the mail 🙂


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