NaNoWriMo Prep


I have pre-release jitters, so I’m treating myself to an evening of NaNoWriMo prep. With side-by-side documents, I’m formatting, outlining, and gently informing the spellchecker that wolf names aren’t typos. (Doon-wen is not pleased.) Clan names are also making Word grumpy. (Woe to those who bear the Sunfletch or Woodacre crest.) Even a few of my “ordinary” surnames are snagging in the filters, as are just about any names with Japanese roots.

Anyone else gearing up for NaNoWriMo? I’m glad for writing buddies >>

7 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Prep

  1. This is the first year that I’m actually working off a sort of outline – kind of a scene by scene synopsis of what I want to happen. Last two times I tried I used the ‘pantser’ method. I’m hoping that having an outline will help me break through and actually finish this time!

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    • I’m a “plantser,” using a loose framework for the story, but comfortable with how much a story can morph during the writing process. Fandom-based serial writing makes it easier to stay light on your feet! ::twinkle::


  2. Ahhhh so excited! Marked by Stars showed up in my inbox this morning from Amazon. Even THEY don’t want me to miss it!! ❤️ God-speed and health to you (and everyone participating) as you start!


  3. laksdjf my NaNoWriMo early challenge in September taught me many things… including “It’s very, VERY important that you be compatible with your subject matter!”

    I was not compatible with my story. TTvTT Still working on it though, and I’ll use November to try and finish it. ❤


  4. I’ve never heard of NaNoWriMo before, but when I was recommending your books to a coworker, she suggested that we do NaNoWriMo together! I’m so excited to get back into creative writing – and by get back I mean the last time I wrote for fun was in middle school. 😀


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