New to You? Oh, let’s have us another little teaser. I’ve mentioned new fanfics in the works, and some of them are actually on my publishing schedule. (I’ve justified this by calling them ‘grassroots marketing’ … but we all know I’m just goofing around.) Most of you know me from the InuYasha fandom, but in December, I’m due to unveil a story from outside my usual stomping grounds. And it occurred to me … you might not be familiar with my subject matter!  So if you want to get the most enjoyment out of an upcoming adventure, you have some homework. Watch a movie. Marathon an anime. Be ready!

Because I’ll be writing for …

Recommended Viewing

…and it’s a crossover. ::twinkle::

7 thoughts on “Teaser

  1. I’ll have to watch that too. I just recently watched Totoro and loved it, but I tend to live all things studio Ghibli.


  2. What a coincidence! Going to see Totoro (again) in theaters tonight with a friend! 😂 And I’ve always been trying to watch Mushi-shi, but somehow ended up trying to start the sequel?? Guess I’ll have to look again…. Excited!


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