#Inktober2018 Update

I posted here that I was thinking about using this year’s Inktober prompts for some playful drabbling. With a character in mind, a setting all ready, and a prompt list for inspiration, it wasn’t hard to make things happen. So I’ll be posting a chapter a day in October. (That means we start Monday!) Here’s a refresher on the prompts:

DmA09YlUYAAnvoL.jpg large

I’m calling the results my first Amaranthine Saga fanfic (even though I’m the author). Everything is very spiffy and official-like. I have a title, a summary, and even a book cover. In classic forthright tradition, the story will have 100-word chapters … and will probably take a few years to tell.

Want to drabble/drawble along?

4 thoughts on “#Inktober2018 Update

  1. Ahhhhhhhh, so excited for this!! It’ll be so fun to explore the work more through you ☺️☺️ happy almost-October! 🎉


  2. I DO want to drabble along… all tame and canon, as usual!😁
    Woefully out of practice, though, I’m afraid. 🙄


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