Songs of the Amaranthine

Oh, let’s have a little teaser, shall we? We’ll do an official cover reveal for the first story in this collection on Monday, October 1. (If all goes according to plan, Amazon customers will also be able to pre-order.) The scheduled release date is December 4, 2018.

Songs of the Amaranthine is a collection of short stories set in FORTHRIGHT’s Amaranthine universe. Before the Emergence, the clans were nothing more than whispers and mysteries and legends and lore. But every so often—in out-of-the-way places or shockingly close to home—an unsuspecting person stumbled into a fateful encounter with someone who is decidedly other.

An eclectic collection, spanning continents and centuries. Tales of adventure, discovery, friendship, rescue, belonging, and love. Each short story stands alone and can be read in any order.

9 thoughts on “Songs of the Amaranthine

  1. Well this is exciting. Is this considered book 3 of the series or will it be considered more like a book 2.5 (though I know the time lines off for a .5)?

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    • The main series will only have the seven books (no halves), and will be listed as the AMARANTHINE SAGA. The short stories (you could think of these as long oneshots) will accumulate as a collection and will be listed as a separate companion series, SONGS OF THE AMARANTHINE. They’ll be numbered to reflect publication order rather than any sort of chronology. Pick and choose whichever ones sound interesting to you.

      **All of these short stories will pre-date the Emergence.


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