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Quick survey, because I have one person saying they can’t access my links/tabs.

“Unfortunately, the tab on this site doesn’t take us to anything. I have always (for over three years now) gotten an error message when I click on the links provided by this website.”

Good gracious! Are you able to navigate my site’s pages (about page, signed books page, fanfic profiles, da page, etc.) using the menu bar? Anyone else running into broken links and error messages? ::hand wringing::

**UPDATE** I switched the fanfiction links to their numeric “perma-links,” which seems to have fixed the issue for some people.

23 thoughts on “Links and Tabs

  1. Yes. It’s weird. As long as I stay on this site, I can go anywhere. But any links that navigate away from this blog give me an error message. I’ve had three phones and two laptops in this time and it happens to all of them.


  2. The only broken links from the menu (using my iPhone) are the two fanfic links. I don’t mind the few seconds to go through Google, though that skews any traffic monitoring on this site.


  3. Same happens with me but only with the external links to when using my mobile. On desktop is totally fine.


  4. No issues with links on laptop except the Misc Fanfic tab doesn’t open a new window like the other fanfic page does.
    on mobile the MIsc Fanfic errors with a page not found.


  5. All links work for me, and always have, including those that direct to I am on mobile and laptop.


  6. All links here are working for me, but I’m using my laptop. When I tried on my mobile, the only link I couldn’t get was the “Fanfics (Misc)”. It came up as “Ooops! We cannot find this page on ‘’ (Most likely you are accessing the site with an outdated link”


  7. All the links work fine on my end. Sometimes all it might take is a good old refresh/restart to get things going the way they ought to. 😉


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