Details, Details…

One of the many (many, many) details I need in place before I can release Book 2 … is Book 3’s summary, which I’m writing now. And which makes me really (really, really) excited for release day because I am very (very, very) sure that my longtime readers are going to implode. In a good way. ::twinkle::

Current forecast for Bk2 – October-ish
(WHY is August almost over!)


17 thoughts on “Details, Details…

  1. If it ends up coming out in October I know what I’m getting myself for my birthday. If it comes out any other time I know what I’m getting myself for my unbirthday. ❤

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  2. I see my b-day gift for myself! Let us know if you decide to take preorders on signed copies. Cause I’m more than ready! Yay! 😍

    Now I have to go reread again in an attempt to guess about the third book.

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  3. Sweet! I’m due in November, which means October is slow-down-and-make-sure-all-baby-stuff-is-ready month…and new book to read would be perfect for those quiet times between scrambling to get stuff done. 😁💖


  4. October is perfect because I will be done with this early NaNoWriMo challenge then! ^7^/ I. AM. SO. STOOOOOOOOKED. //faceplants

    And I may or may not be currently using your previous email as my motivation to finish….


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