Favorite Character Bingo

I’ve seen these character boards floating around and decided to do one of my own. Although the original intent seems to be favorite characters (as in one person), I usually gravitate to duos and trios. You all know I ship around, but my favorite ships are very often about kinship or friendship or mentorship. (Though I have a definite fondness for loners.) Behold!

forthright's anime favorites BINGO

The gist of the game: if you also love a character, you cover the square. Five-in-a-row in any direction gives you a bingo. How many can you get? Impress me! And link me to your bingo boards if you’re making one of your own. ::twinkle::

3 thoughts on “Favorite Character Bingo

  1. Oh wow. 07-ghost is so rare to see. I loved Teito and Frau’s dynamic. Their back and forth, Frau’s easy affection for Teito in the more serious, quiet moments contrasted with Teito’s difficulty being honest yet worry and admiration.

    Haha. This was one of the few anime’s that made me cry in my teenage years.

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    • I’ve rewatched 07-Ghost sooo many times, and every time the anime hits its final episode, I wonder what comes next. So I’m collecting the manga. I want Teito’s full story. All 17 volumes of it! ::twinkle::


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