“I have a book for you.”

So this stuff really happens? Earlier today, a reader (that’d be Brooke) nudged me with a link to this blog post, in which Ilona Andrews reviews a book that was recommended to her (that’d be by Brooke). The book … Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox (Amaranthine Saga, #1). And Ilona … a bestselling author with a large following & my new hero. Because in a matter of twelve hours, THIS happened.

7-23-2018 10-10-26 PM.png


So this is what it’s like to climb the Kindle sales charts! Tsumiko is doing well in categories like Fantasy, Romantic Fantasy, Paranormal, and (go figure) Werewolves & Shifters. Needless to say, it’s been an exciting day, and I’m grateful to everyone who took a risk on a new-to-them author. And, of course…

Thank you, Brooke! Thank you, Ilona!


38 thoughts on ““I have a book for you.”

  1. So I have Brooke to thank!! I am one of Ilona’s follows who had my day brightened with you and your book. Good people always tend to find each other😘. Congratulations

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  2. I too loved the book & found it based on Ilona Andrew’s recommendation! Does kobo do a bestseller thingy? As that is where I got it!

    Thank you for the lovely story!! (I’d been re-reading The Others by Anne Bishop & was craving something somewhat similar)

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  3. Yep, that is how I purchased the book, that is the power of social media!
    But to be honest, I first read a chapter of your book to be sure I would like it.
    And I did, so it is waiting on my reader. Good thing the holiday starts next week.
    No kindle version though, in The Netherlands we mostly have other ereaders that won’t accept kindle version. But that’s good. Now other stores sell your book too!
    And you have a new member to your mailing list.
    Keep on writing!

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  4. I’m finishing it right now and I don’t want it to end. seriously. I think I’ve never been so happy with a recommendation.
    thank you sooooo much for this awesome book (and thank you Brooke for making all of us find it lol)

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    • Aww, thank you!

      I’m the same way about authors who tell the stories I love best … always wanting more. Here’s hoping I remain an author you can trust! ::twinkle::


  5. You are an amazing, amazing writer. You deserve the best. Your writing is a gift and I am very very glad from the bottom of my heart that you share it with us. Thank you.

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  6. I discovered your books just like that, because of her review. The blurb/plot was so interesting that I had to buy it… I read it in a day, needless to say, I loved it. I loved you writing style, your characters and the world you built.

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  7. That is how I found you too! Through Ilona Andrews Website. I am so glad to have found this book and am about to go stock your Fanfic!
    This was just what I needed.

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  8. I also found you through Ilona Andrews. She is one of my all-time favorite authors!

    I just finished your book, and really enjoyed it. I’ve read a lot of paranormal romance, and it was one of the best new releases I’ve read in a long time. I look forward to reading the next ones in the series!

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  9. I took a chance on Ilona’s website recommendation and it has paid off greatly. I loved Tsumiko’s book –
    character’s charms & complexities, background storybuilding… Amazing. Thank you for such a wonderful tale. I’ll keep reading & following ✌🙂

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  10. I saw the blog post at 11 last night and then since I have terrible self control I couldn’t go to sleep until I finished some time around 4 this morning. Thank you for writing such a wonderful and entrancing book!

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