Mood Stripes 040: Adrift

Disclaimer: I do hereby disclaim all rights and responsibilities for the characters in this audacious adventure… especially for the one who’s been paying close attention. A nod of recognition is bent towards Rumiko Takahashi for her creative prowess.

Chapter 40: Adrift

Without proper footing, Sesshoumaru floundered until Kohaku helped him into the spring’s shallows. This again. After losing his arm, he’d spent weeks relearning a swordsman’s balance. Perversely, he reconsidered the miko’s offer of legs. Too late.

While Kohaku washed Sesshoumaru’s hair, he grew increasingly agitated.

Inuyasha noticed. “What?”

“I made no wish.”

“Kagome either. But I dunno. Maybe two half-assed wishes blended?”

“Spoken like a hanyou,” he muttered dismissively.

“Half ain’t all bad.” Ears drooped. “Best of both worlds. Or something.”

Nonsensical. Baseless. Sesshoumaru challenged, “What, then, is a half-wish?”

Kohaku answered evenly. “Wanting something you don’t think you deserve.”

Original Posting Date: July 10, 2018
Prompt: Dismissive, suggested by Nilee1
Words: 100

Summary: In the aftermath of the Final Battle, the victors lick their wounds and look ahead. However, a misspent wish on the Shikon-no-Tama changes minds, hearts, fates… and colors. SK. Canon Divergence. [Hurt/Comfort, Romance] Begins here. To scroll through archived chapters, use the Mood Stripes tag. And you’re always welcome to suggest a prompt.


15 thoughts on “Mood Stripes 040: Adrift

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  2. More introspective comments from Inuyasha and wisdom from Kohaku. I wonder what his half wish was while he was under Narakus power. Lovely chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I knew waiting was a better idea, because I’m always starved for more when I get into the middle of one of your stories… but here I am, reading this one and head-desking with the best of them as I wish for more. TTvTT

    Liked by 3 people

  4. What could Sesshomaru possibly want that he thinks he doesn’t deserve? Kagome on the other hand, blames herself for almost everything.
    Sesshōmaru can be witty when he wants to be. Although “Spoken like a hanyou” was mean spirited.
    Kohaku breaks my heart.

    Liked by 2 people

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