Behind the Scenes – Reavers

Fandom Inspired. Let’s highlight some of those juicy tidbits of gossip that are part of the Amaranthine Saga’s formative days. While I was building this new storytelling universe, I incorporated several nods to fandom. Like the “miko” connection and references to kitsune lore with regards to the fox clans. Believe it or not, the people who stand between the human and inhuman races—the reavers—incorporate a subtle nod to fandom. Which begs the question …

Why did you call them reavers?

If you haven’t already guessed, you’ll catch on quick. Let’s back up to Rumiko Takahashi’s InuYasha, in which we meet a dog-eared hanyou struggling to find a place to belong. He’s only a half-breed, but he’s strong. Before acquiring his father’s sword, Inuyasha fought with his bare hands. In the anime, we see him using two different claw-strike attacks. His favorite comes with a familiar battle cry (at least in the dub):

“Iron Reaver, Soul Stealer!”

Inuyasha Claw Strike

So behind the scenes, the reavers are named for Inuyasha’s claw strike.  (They have a totally different reason behind their name within the Amaranthine universe, which you’ll eventually learn more about.) And “Rivven” is a play off of reaver. Reavers and Rivven.

Bonus Question: What was Inuyasha’s other claw-style attack?


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