ART: Sansa

In the Amaranthine Saga, those who stand between the human and inhuman races are reavers. So naturally, some of main characters in Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox are members of the In-between. Like Sansa, whose designation is battler.

Sansa by FoxOfTwilight w

Sansa by FoxOfTwilight

Although reavers have a culture all their own, Sansa’s homeland is Russian. Her expertise involves several fighting styles, including aerial maneuvers, and she maintains an impressive armory. Yet it’s her skill in the healing arts that were put to use at Stately House. For years, she served as Lady Eimi’s cook and nurse.

• • •

Sansa sat at the kitchen table, chin on her fist as she scanned what appeared to be a foreign newspaper.

Tsumiko was still trying to figure out how to behave around Michael’s reserved wife. Although Tsumiko knew better than to put too much stock in appearances, Sansa’s was formidable. Tall and broad-faced, her aproned uniform couldn’t disguise her musculature. Wide shoulders, browned skin, callused hands—Sansa was the kind of woman that made you suspect that she took after her father. Quiet, confident, watchful, and polite. Tsumiko couldn’t have called her pretty, but Sansa had her husband’s respect and regard.

Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox (Amaranthine Saga, #1)

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