Challenge Extension

Quick Update: inquiries through proper channels have come up with a baffling response from my printer. The only reason for Amazon’s delay in fulfilling your pre-orders is… Amazon. We’re at their whim and mercy, I’m afraid. Thank you for your continued patience. Their delay has me rejigging my schedule for our fun and games. And I’m issuing an extension for the Photo Challenge.

Tsumiko scrabble

More time to get creative! I’ve extended the Photo Challenge by another month, so you have until April 22, 2018 to take part. All the details here >>

5 thoughts on “Challenge Extension

  1. Thanks! I love Amazon, but they dropped the ball on this one.
    Anyway, I couldn’t take it any longer, and I got the Kindle version last night. This morning I am snowed in, and I don’t care. I am loving this book!!!

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  2. Yay thank you!!! This is first time I HAVEN’T gotten the book day-of after preordering with Amazon… So I appreciate you pushing off the festivities for us!!

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  3. Thank-you!
    I am fully stocked and prepared for the reading marathon that will ensue as soon as Amazon’s drone, flying from :wherever: to my house, drops it on my front porch. In the meantime, I am prepping for murder mystery St. Patrick’s Day event!


  4. Aw, come on! Amazon is such a frustration sometimes. Grr…well, I’m determined to get my copy, so I’m just going to keep clicking refresh amd hope they get their butts in gear soon. *settles in to wait*. 😩


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