May as well give this story its official Closure Notice. My genderbent SK is still updating at, but it’s complete in one hundred chapters here. ::confetti toss::

Read Clumsy from the beginning >>

2 thoughts on “COMPLETE: Clumsy

  1. Aw I’m a little sad this one ended because I loved it a lot and would have loved to see it a bit longer however! I really loved how it ended and I love that you have these two families become one as well!

    On a side note, I’m not 100% sure how you visualize them but my head canon as I see them is Kagomaru actually looks like Sesshoumaru BUT has Kagome’s hair (of course) and her eyes LOL while Sesshoume looks like Kagome but with Sesshoumaru’s coloring and eyes. They’re heights are still the same, which I know you said Sesshoume is very tall, but I like the idea that she’s super tall, taller than any of the human men and most males around her. I know this may seem more of a reverse role thing than gender swap thing but in all honest when I first started to read this that’s literally how they appeared in my mind’s eye.


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